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Wrigleyville’s Ultimate Guide to What’s Open

Wrigleyville in the summertime is usually characterized by bars flooded with Cubs fans, street festivals on game days, and huge crowds outside Wrigley Field enjoying the amazing food that surrounds the area. This year, Wrigleyville looks pretty different and the reason is pretty obvious: COVID-19. With the baseball season receiving a substantial postponement earlier this year, the Chicago Cubs have been with us in spirit a tad more than in the flesh, but the tides have recently begun to turn. Not only has baseball returned (admittedly pretty different looking than recent years), but the city of Chicago has slowly begun to reopen certain establishments as it entered “phase four” at the end of July. 

So What Does Phase Four Mean?

Phase Four is the fourth step of the Protecting Chicago plan in place to cautiously reopen the city while simultaneously considering the health of citizens and travelers. During phase four, guidelines will include:

  • Bars, taverns, and breweries without a food license will only be allowed to serve customers if they offer outdoor seating. 
  • Indoor dining is available at 25% capacity.
  • Museums and Zoos may operate at 25% capacity.
  • Movie theatres and music venues may operate at 50% capacity.
  • Face masks and physical distancing are highly recommended and at times mandatory for entrance.


As for hotel and lodging facilities, the Majestic Hotel is open and taking extra measures to assure the safety of all our guests including face mask enforcement, sanitization stations at check-in, no-contact housekeeping services, and more. 

What’s Open in Wrigleyville?

Sure, Wrigley Field may not be welcoming back Cubs fans in the hundreds the way they usually do, that doesn’t mean that Wrigleyville is left wanting for ways to kill some time while in the city. Whether you’re a die-hard Cubs fan or simply passing through Wrigleyville while in Chicago, the area has something for all stretches of life. 


Cheat the Cubs Season System at Murphy’s Bleachers

A local tip that Chicago Cubs fans may or may not be aware of is Murphy’s Bleachers. Murphy’s Bleachers is a collection of bars and restaurants across the street from Wrigley Field that offer stunning ballpark views of games, a full-service bar, ballpark food classics, and more all within one ticket price. This year, Murphy’s Bleachers is one of the only ways to see the Cubs in action, so make sure you purchase your tickets ahead of time to get a spot

Get Moving Along Lake Michigan’s Lakefront Trail

If there’s anything that this pandemic has taught us, it’s the importance to keep moving even when we’re stuck in a rut. One of the first things to close down in Chicago was the Lakefront Trail and its massive popularity among fitness enthusiasts and bicyclists is just a portion of the reason why. The 19-mile long trail bordering Chicago’s Lake Michigan coast is perfect for bike rides, exercising, rollerblading, and even commuting to Chicago’s Loop from Wrigleyville. The only rule while on the trail is to avoid congregating in groups and make sure you’re always moving! 

Taste Just a Slice of Chicago’s Food Scene

Chicago knows how to do a few things perfectly and food is possibly #1 on that list. It’s hard to leave the city without wishing you’d worn sweatpants and Wrigleyville is the home to numerous foodie favorites. While dining ability is kept at limited capacity, many restaurants in Wrigleyville offer patio seating so you can enjoy the sun while also enjoying some delicious bites and great drinks. Some restaurants that are excited to welcome patrons back include:

Explore Chicago Museums 

One of the most exciting parts of Chicago entering phase four has been the reopening of some of the best museums not only in the country but also in the world. Whether you want to marvel at the ancient tomb of an Egyptian mummy or want to get up close to beluga whales, Chicago’s museum scene has a favorite for just about anyone. 


Shedd Aquarium

The Shedd Aquarium is ready for you to dive back in, but does require tickets to be purchased in advance


Museum of Contemporary Art

If you’re looking for a serene and relaxed way of getting back into Chicago’s museum scene, the Museum of Contemporary Art is where you’ll wanna be because admission is FREE all weekends in August. 


Field Museum 

The Field Museum is open and Sue is excited to welcome back visitors. Make sure to check out the Know Before You Go guide before visiting. 


Art Institute of Chicago

What better way to enjoy beautiful sites while physically distancing than by visiting one of the best art museums in the world? The Art Institute is back and requires tickets to be purchased in advance


Need Hotel Accommodations?


The Majestic Hotel

Located in the heart of Wrigleyville, accessible via Red Line train


The City Suites Hotel

In the heart of Boystown, accessible by the Red Line train


The Willows Hotel

Located at the edge of Lakeview and Lincoln Park, accessible via Brown Line train


The Ivy Hotel 

Located near the Magnificent Mile in Chicago’s Loop

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